Chat UI: confirmations

On the web, there is usually a confirmation step before the user finishes their transaction.   Often, the confirmation will repeat the information a user is about to submit and has a way of editing the information before final submission.   

But how to do this in a chat format?   More and more Chatbots are gathering a set of information and then submitting the information.   We have not observed many confirmations and where there are confirmations, it's usually just submit info or start again.   So, how to solve this issue?   

For short forms, there is a fairly easy UI solution using standard facebook messenger elements.  Take the example of a form that just takes name, contact information and a message.   It then repeats all the information back to the user and sees if they want to submit or edit their message.

Once we have their information, the information is repeated and the user is asked if they want to send or edit the information.  If they chose to edit it, they are asked which field they want to edit using quick replies.   Up to 5 fields should be easily supported in this UI.

Upon editing the field they want (in this case phone number), the user is given the choice to edit more fields or review the message.  If they go to review the message they are shown the message again and asked if they want to send it or edit information.  They can repeat this step as many times as they like and continue to edit other fields.

This seems to work well for users and allows them to quickly edit the previous inputs.   This generally works for a short form.   However if there are longer forms with more fields different techniques will need to be used.